The PhD program in Business Administration at DeGroote offers students the opportunity to study and conduct leading-edge research with some of the top researchers in their fields. Students develop the theoretical and methodological expertise required to create original research that makes a significant impact on the business community.

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course description provides a summary of the material that a course covers. Course descriptions also specify prerequisites and anti-requisites. You can view a list of all the PhD courses or choose a field of study from the menu on the right.

Course outlines contain important information such as:

  • How you will be evaluated.
  • The class schedule.
  • The required reading list.
  • Links to instructor web sites.

Course outlines are provided by your instructor. We post links to them on the course description pages when they are available.

Only PhD courses are listed here, but you can find the course descriptions for MBA courses on the MBA current students site.

All Courses

A771Seminar in Research Methods and Design in Accounting Research
A772Seminar in Financial Accounting Research
A773Seminar in Managerial Accounting Research
B781Research Issues II
B782Applied Multivariate Statistics
B790Theory Building in Management
B791Field Surveys: Organizational Behaviour and Organizational Theory
B792Field Surveys: Human Resources and Industrial Relations
B793Applied Multivariate Statistics
B794Research Methods and Design
B795Research Issues: Organizational Behaviour and Organizational Theory
B796Research Issues: Human Resources and Industrial Relations
B797Research Course I
B798Research Course II
B799Selected Topics in Management of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources
C780Mixed Methods Research
C781Health Economics and Evaluation
C782Health Policy Analysis
C783Research Issues in Health Management
F770Financial Economics and Quantitative Methods
F771Financial Economics I
F772Financial Economics II
F773Empirical Methods in Finance
F774Seminar in Corporate Finance
K778Selected Topics in Information Systems I
K779Selected Topics in Information Systems II
K791Knowledge Management Systems
K792Security, Privacy and Trust in eBusiness
K793Mobile Commerce and Social Networks
K794Advances in Information Systems Research
K795Qualitative Methods in Information Systems Research
K797Independent Research Study
K797Independent Research Study
M771Marketing Foundations
M772Marketing Models and Modeling
M773Inter-Organizational Research in Marketing
M774Special Topics in Marketing Strategy I
M775Special Topics in Marketing Strategy II
Q771Stochastic Processes with Business Applications
Q772Networks and Graphs in Operations Research
Q773Mathematical Programming: Theory and Algorithms
Q774Combinatorial Optimization: Complexity and Heuristics
Q775Optimization and Machine Learning with Big Data
Q778Selected Topics in Management Science
Q780Management Science Research Issues I
Q781Management Science Research Issues II
Q782Dynamic Programming and Optimal Control
Q783Game Theory and Decision Analysis
Q784Supply Chain Design and Coordination
Q785Queuing Theory and Computer Simulation
Q786Network Design Issues in Freight Transportation
Q787Optimization Under Uncertainty
Q790Advanced Operations Management I
Q791Advanced Operations Management II
Q792Statistical Methodologies for Quality Control
Q793Sequencing and Scheduling
Q794Inventory Theory
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