The PhD program in Business Administration at DeGroote offers students the opportunity to study and conduct leading-edge research with some of the top researchers in their fields. Students develop the theoretical and methodological expertise required to create original research that makes a significant impact on the business community.

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Course Description

Knowledge Management Systems

  • Prerequisite: K603 or permission of the instructor

The objective of this Ph.D. seminar course is to look at the state of the art in assessing, capturing and sharing organizational knowledge resources through information systems. The business environment is increasingly competitive and the rate of innovation is rising. Companies compete with each other in ways different from before. To this end, knowledge plays a unique role in building and conserving an organization’s core competencies through knowledge networking. Knowledge management can be defined as a formal, directed process of determining what knowledge individuals within a company have that could benefit others in the company, then devising ways of making it easily available through knowledge-based systems.

Course Offerings

Fall 2019

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