The PhD program in Business Administration at DeGroote offers students the opportunity to study and conduct leading-edge research with some of the top researchers in their fields. Students develop the theoretical and methodological expertise required to create original research that makes a significant impact on the business community.

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Management Science

The MS field is concerned with the development and application of quantitative modelling and with systematic approaches to the solution of management problems. These techniques are used in operations management, logistics, and supply chain management applications.

This specialization emphasises research and is designed to prepare highly motivated and capable individuals to make significant advances in management science knowledge.

Successful applicants typically have a master’s degree in one of these fields:

  • Business administration
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Computer science

Required Courses

  • B790 – Seminar on Management Theory
  • Five MS PhD courses:
    • Q771 – Stochastic Processes with Business Applications
    • Q773 – Mathematical Programming: Theory and Algorithms
    • Q780 – Management Science Research Issues I
    • Q781 – Management Science Research Issues II
    • Q790 – Advanced Operations Management I
  • Four MS PhD courses chosen from:
    • Q772 – Networks and Graphs in Operations Research
    • Q774 – Combinatorial Optimization: Complexity and Heuristics
    • Q775 – Optimization and Machine Learning with Big Data
    • Q778 – Selected Topics in Management Science
    • Q782 – Dynamic Programming and Optimal Control
    • Q783 – Game Theory and Decision Analysis
    • Q784 – Supply Chain Design and Coordination
    • Q785 – Queuing Theory and its Applications
    • Q786 – Network Design Issues in Freight Transportation
    • Q787 – Optimization Under Uncertainty
    • Q791 – Advanced Operations Management II
    • Q793 – Sequencing and Scheduling
    • Q794 – Inventory Theory


Our Students

Zeinab Vosooghi

Zeinab joined the Ph.D. program in Management Science at DeGroote School of Business in September 2020. Her research mainly focuses on optimization models ...
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Our Faculty

George Wesolowsky

Professor Emeritus
Operations Management

Manish Verma

Associate Professor
Operations Management
Available to supervise

George Steiner

Professor Emeritus
Operations Management
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