DeGroote School of Business


The Finance specialization is designed for highly-motivated and academically strong students with a solid Master’s level training in finance, economics, mathematics, physics, engineering, or related subjects. It’s suited for students who wish to pursue academic careers or research-related opportunities in the financial industry or the public sector.

Strong quantitative skills are required.

Students undertake two years of course work, followed by a set of comprehensive exams. Then they work with a faculty supervisor to develop a research topic and complete a thesis.

The experienced research faculty within DeGroote’s Finance area are well-equipped to supervise students working in a variety of specialties, including corporate finance, capital markets, and derivatives.

Required Courses

  • B790 – Seminar on Management Theory
  • Five Finance PhD courses:
    • F770 – Financial Economics and Quantitative Methods
    • F771 – Financial Economics I
    • F772 – Financial Economics II
    • F773 – Empirical Methods in Finance
    • F774 – Seminar in Finance
  • Five courses from the Department of Economics:
    • 721 – Microeconomic theory I
    • 722 – Microeconomic theory II
    • 723 – Macroeconomic Theory I
    • 761 – Econometrics I
    • 762 – Econometrics II
  • Students are also required to take one additional 700-level course in business, economics or mathematics. The specific course will be determined in consultation with your supervisor.