DeGroote School of Business

Application Procedure

There are two stages to the application process:

  • All applicants submit a preliminary application which is reviewed by the PhD office.
  • If your preliminary application is approved, you’ll be invited to submit a formal application.

    For September 2023, we have extended the formal application deadline to March 31st for the following areas:



    Management Science

    Human Resources and Management

    Information Systems

    The deadline for Accounting and Health Management areas has not been extended.

    If you did not submit the preliminary application and feel that you meet our admission requirements, you may proceed with submitting a formal application. The formal application link can be found here.

    Step 1: Preliminary Application

    Key Dates

    Preliminary Application Launch Date: August 2, 2022 at 9:00am EST

    Preliminary Application Deadline: October 31, 2022


    Before completing the preliminary application, please review the different fields of study and the Application Requirements page. You can only apply for one field of study. Each has its own specific requirements. You can also review the research interests of faculty members that are available to supervise.

    If you have made an appointment to take one of the required tests, please wait until you know the results before submitting your preliminary application.

    There is no fee for submitting your preliminary application.


    Please click on the link below to be directed to the Preliminary Application page. An FAQ page is available through this link that you will find useful with completing the application. 

    What Happens Next

    We will review your preliminary application to determine whether or not you qualify to submit a formal application.

    We will send you an email either way. If you qualify, we’ll include instructions for submitting the formal application.

    Step 2: Formal Application

    If you qualify, we’ll send you a detailed email with a link to the formal application.

    In addition to the information requested on the form, this application requires specific supporting documentation. You’re also required to submit a concise and well thought out statement of your research interests.

    There is a $110 CAD fee for submitting a formal application. This fee cannot be waived.

    Required Supporting Documentation

    • Unofficial transcripts of all previous degrees.
    • Two confidential referee reports. These are submitted online through the eReference tool provided in the application portal.
    • GMAT or GRE test taker report.
    • If required, TOEFL or IELTS test taker report.
    • Your CV, including academic and professional accomplishments such as publications, awards, and teaching experience.
    • Statement of research interests. This document should include a very specific topic within your chosen specialization that you wish to research, any past research experience (including publication history), your future career goals, and your reasons for choosing the DeGroote School of Business (and list up to three supervisor names who would be a good match for your work).

    If you have any questions during the application process, please contact us.

    Helping Hands

    Need Help?

    Need help with registration or other academic issues?

    Visit our help page to see answers to frequently asked questions or to get in touch with a member of our team.