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Program Requirements

The PhD program requires that students complete between 6 and 12 one-term courses. The exact number and mix of courses depends on your background and research interests, as assessed by your supervisor.

Students can sometimes receive exemptions from courses, when otherwise qualified. You can also take additional courses as long as you do not exceed 12 degree requirement courses.

Normally, course work is finished within the first two years of the program. This is followed by a comprehensive examination, tailored to your field of study.

All students in the program take a common seminar course, and otherwise follow the course requirements for their particular field of study.


Fields of Study

DeGroote PhD students choose a specialization and focus their studies and research in a particular field.

This gives you the opportunity to interact with experts in your field of study from DeGroote’s distinguished faculty and the student community.

DeGroote offers the following fields of study at the doctoral level:

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We have set the September 2024 application dates.

Check the status of your preferred field of study.

Fields of Study


Check the Application Procedure page for the Key Dates and steps to apply.

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