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McMaster’s Three-Minute Thesis Award

Posted March 28, 2018

We are happy to announce that Armagan Ozbilge, our second year PhD student in the Management Science Field, has won this year’s McMaster’s Three-Minute Thesis Award! The award comes with a prize of $500. This is a university wide competition where graduate students from all faculties create one slide summarizing their research and present it. Armagan’s presentation was titled “Donate More to Earn More” which summarizes part of his PhD thesis research on perishable food supply chains. While food banks seem to be struggling to collect fresh food, the perishable food supply chain is throwing tons of food as waste every year. Armagan developed a quality-dependent demand model which takes true (effective) quality of the product into account and showed that it is possible for retailers to donate fresh food, reduce spoilage and at the same time increase their earnings.

Congratulations Armagan!

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